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Intro Automation-3e-S 11-15, 16/06, 06/04/07 Chapter 4 INTRODUCTION TO AUTOMATION REVIEW QUESTIONS 4.1 What is automation? Answer : Several definitions of automation are given throughout the book. The definition given in this chapter is the following: Automation can be defined as the technology by which a process or procedure is accomplished without human assistance. 4.2 An automated system consists of what three basic elements. Answer : The three basic elements of an automated system are (1) power to accomplish the process and operate the system, (2) a program of instructions to direct the process, and (3) a control system to actuate the instructions. 4.3 What is the difference between a process parameter and a process variable? Answer : Process parameters are inputs to the process, such as temperature setting of a furnace, coordinate axis value in a positioning system, and motor on or off. Process variables are outputs from the process; for
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