63860-Ch01 - Ch01 Introduction-3e-S 12-15, 16/06, 06/04/07...

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Ch01 Introduction-3e-S 12-15, 16/06, 06/04/07 Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION REVIEW QUESTIONS 1.1 What are some of the realities mentioned at the beginning of the chapter that modern manufacturing enterprises must cope with? Name four. Answer : The realities mentioned in the text are (1) globalization, (2) international outsourcing, (3) local outsourcing, (4) contract manufacturing, (5) trend toward the service sector, (6) quality expectations, and (7) the need for operational efficiency. 1.2 What is a production system? Answer : As defined in the text, a production system is a collection of people, equipment, and procedures organized to perform the manufacturing operations of a company (or other organization). 1.3 Production systems can be divided into two categories or levels. Name and briefly define the two levels. Answer : The two categories given in the text are (1) facilities, which consist of the factory, the equipment in the factory, and the way the equipment is organized; and (2) manufacturing support systems, which is the set of procedures used by the company to manage production and to solve the technical and logistics problems encountered in ordering materials, moving the work through the factory, and ensuring that products meet quality standards. Product design and certain business functions are included among the manufacturing support systems. 1.4 What are manufacturing systems, and how are they distinguished from production systems? Answer : A manufacturing system is a logical grouping of equipment in the factory and the worker(s) who operate(s) it. Examples include worker-machine systems, production lines, and machine cells. A production system is a larger system that includes a collection of manufacturing systems and the support systems used to manage them. A manufacturing system is a subset of the production system. 1.5
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63860-Ch01 - Ch01 Introduction-3e-S 12-15, 16/06, 06/04/07...

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