Hum Final Exam Review

Hum Final Exam Review - Brecht on Walker Ruling class:...

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Exam Next Monday: Identification (4 out of 6) Galileo Ludivico Little monk Andrea Brecht is pessimistic at the end. Even if people are shown the truth, they’ll still turn back to what they believe or think. (the scene with the witch) Religion = opiate for the masses (Marx) Use science right. Let the scientists correct themselves rather than others correcting them. Freud: Id Superego ego Oceanic sense Eros Thanatos Color Purple Netty Harpo Sophia Mr. Ha Possible essay topics:
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Little monk’s view of religion vs. Alice Walker Connection between little monk’s parents and color purple Brecht’s view of science vs. Alice Walker How strong is a society on the development of the individual Freud and the holocaust How would Brecht deal with the holocaust? Use science right o The exact opposite of what the Nazis did Pamphlets held out that jews were genetically inferior Marxist analysis of Color Purple, What is the religion like? God is an old white man, keeping people in their place.
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Unformatted text preview: Brecht on Walker Ruling class: Policemen + mayor in color purple, authoritarians in Brecht, and Gestapo in Night. Freud on morality: what is moral or immoral. • As a scientist, doesn’t really discuss morality. Would believe that morality vs. immorality is a part of human nature. Night vs. Color purple Should Galileo have told the inquisition to not follow their demands • His Discorsi would have never existed had he did give in 2 nd half of final exam: I.e. Take one of the five topics that we’ve covered in class reports and describe what is, how it changes over time, what remains the same over time, how you could compare Locke with Brecht, how would you rank the people we’ve read from pro-science to pro-religion. Pro-individual to pro-society. Pro-Female to Pro-Male. Analyze the one that’s most of this, and most of that. You can use class notes....
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Hum Final Exam Review - Brecht on Walker Ruling class:...

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