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Mapping exercise 10-1

Mapping exercise 10-1 - 1 Examples of areas where...

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1. Examples of areas where indigenous people will be highly affected by a developing tourist industry include the indigenous groups that reside within the forest such as the Sarawak, whose timber are used for its resources and areas used for its industrial and tourism potential. With the creation of the Asian Highway system, which helps facilitate travel between the island countries of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, many indigenous groups who were not interfered with due to water boundaries are now highly accessible as well. The Asian Highway system especially affects the indigenous people residing along Vietnam, Thailand, Burma and the Philippines. 2. Examples of possible benefits towards indigenous people include poverty alleviation, greater awareness and respect for the indigenous host’s culture, and greater job opportunities: allowing indigenous people to gain skills and qualifications. However, many of these are benefits are hard to sustain without certain conditions. In order for sustainability, the development of
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