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geography extra credit

geography extra credit - What most sharply defines the...

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What most sharply defines the difference between Barack Obama and John McCain? Perhaps the most glaring issue separating the candidates is the future of US-Russia relations. Russia’s short, victorious war over Georgia in the South Ossetia conflict will certainly affect American foreign policy for years to come. What exactly were Georgia and Russia fighting over? Georgia launched a military strike on the province of South Ossetia, attempting to reclaim it after 16 years of semi-independence. Subsequently, Russia sent tanks in to resolve the conflict. Moscow claims that Georgian forces had killed Russian peacekeepers there and were planning acts of “ethnic cleansing” of native Russians living in the area. While Senator Obama and Senator John McCain both question President Bush’s reliance on a personal relationship with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and both also are wary of Russia’s extreme force in the Georgian conflict, there is also a very stark contrast between them as well. Senator McCain’s arguments emphasize the view that Mr. Putin was never worthy of
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