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Mapping exercise 7-1

Mapping exercise 7-1 - and Zimbabwe were not only HIV-AIDS...

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A. The relationship between HIV-AIDS and population rate of natural increase is extremely correlated. Rapid urbanization of Africa has contributed to the swift spread of HIV-AIDS, with urban areas being hit the hardest. Due to increased transportation between cities and the country side, bus and truck drivers are often common carriers of the disease. Also, urban migrants who return home from visits contribute as well. Lastly, in urban areas, young men and women encounter each other in public more easily, without community pressure that would have precluded intimacy in the countryside. B. If the situation stays the same, HIV-AIDS would likely greatly hinder life expectancy, especially for females. Not only would AIDS cause life expectancy to plunge further, but also future populations will be affected as well—limiting potential for population growth. C. The greatest decrease in population growth rate would most likely be in areas such as Mozambique
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Unformatted text preview: and Zimbabwe were not only HIV-AIDS is highly prevalent, but female literacy rates are also low. This could suggest lack of contraceptive knowledge and more susceptibility to being affected by AIDS-HIV. D. Increased education would help limit the rate of HIV-AID rates in countries stricken by its affects. However, not only would it help prevent HIV-AIDs, but the knowledge of contraceptives could also cap off high population rates as well. Countries with high HIV-AIDS rates as well as high literacy exist, especially in the Southern tip of Africa. One reason could include the necessity for children to provide wealth for the family. Also while a country may have high literacy rates, it may take years before a decrease in HIV-AIDS could be noticeable given its rapid spread, especially urban areas....
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