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Study Guide for Exam 1 Fri Sept 11 at the Computerized Testing Center Fri Sept 11: (8:00 AM – 11:00 PM) – sign up for a time slot Be Prompt Bring: bring you PSU student ID Permitted: only a pencil – will be given a piece of bar-coded scratch paper at the exam – must return the scratch when leaving the exam Not permitted: 1) to talk to a classmate, 2) use of a cell phone, calculator and/or notes or textbook, or any other devices etc. Do not discuss this exam with any student until after they have taken this exam Proctors will be available 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM Instructor will be office between 9:15 – 11:00 AM (TA’s will have regular office hours later in day – look on Angel) Style: Multiple Choice – about 40 questions (total number of 110 – most will be worth about 3 points - partial credit is not given to an answer that is half right and half wrong Read each question carefully – best of luck for a good performance Time Length: 60 minutes Grades will not be available in the Angel Gradebook until 11:00 PM on Friday Do not solely rely on memorization – for example if you understand the difference between a sensitive and resistant statistic, should you be able to logically be able the reason out the relationship between the mean and median when the data is positively skewed, for example Coverage Anything covered between: Sections 1-4: Thurs Aug 27 – Tues Sept 8 (along with completing Sections 9-12: Fri Aug 28 Wed Sept 9 Includes anything covered on the: 1) LAQ’s, 2) LQ’s & 3) HW’s. These quizzes are posted for practice in the practice folder – so can review as much as you like
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StudyGuideExam1_Fl09_Sections1_4_9_12 - Study Guide for...

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