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Week 3 Agenda: Sept 7 – Sept 11 (Stat 200 Sections 1-4) Readings for Tues Sept 8: Section 8.1 Section 8.2 (pages 283-286)) Section 8.3 (pages 288-to top of 291, Section 8.4 (pages 294- 298, 299) Section 8.7 (pages 311 – 312 (top) Note: If you want to try some problems from Chapter 8, these are listed at the bottom of the Study Guide for Exam 1. You can review these questions in the same format found with a homework submission Mon Sept 7: No class (Labor Day) Tues Sept 8: Lecture on readings found in Chapter 8 (bring powerpoint slides) Complete Lecture Quiz 1 (LQ2) on Angel by 4:00 AM Wed- (available after 12:30 PM class) – can take quiz anywhere LAQ3 handout will be available after lecture (can work on your own – does not require Minitab)
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Unformatted text preview: Wed Sept 9: Can submit LAQ3 on Angel 10:00 AM through Friday 4:00 AM (can submit outside 214 Boucke best of two tries) Thurs Sept 10: Computer Labs in 214 Boucke will be open to all of my students between 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (TAs will be there) So who ever gets there first can use the computers can still ask questions Must bring your own LAQ3 handout Fri Sept 11: Exam 1 (refer to posted study guide) class will not be held in 214 Boucke Note: Mon Sept 7: No class (Labor Day) Tues Sept 8: Lecture will be held in lab ( bring powerpoint slides) Readings for Tues Sept 14: Chapter 6: Section 6.1 Chapter 6: 2 pages 198-199, & pages 213 (bottom) to 214 Section 6.4 pages 206 -213...
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