Experiment 6 - It is reversible C DELIQUESCENCE AND...

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Experiment 6: Properties of Hydrates By: Daniel Fore Drew Hutchison CH1211-11 Yulin Wang 12:30pm - 03:20pm Tuesday October 16, 2007
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Data and Calculations: Properties of Hydrates A. IDENTIFICATION OF HYDRATES H2O appears Color of Residue Water Soluble Hydrate Nickel chloride No yellowish/orange Yes Yes Potassium chloride Yes White Yes Yes Sodium tetraborate No White Yes No Sucrose Yes Carmel Yes No Calcium Carbonate No White No No Barium Chloride Yes White Yes Yes B. REVERSIBILITY OF HYDRATION Summarize your observations on CoCl2 * 6 H20: It started as a deep red and turned dark purple as we heated it. We stopped the heat, added water and it turned to a pink, red. We reheated it and if turned back into a solid and a dark blue/ purple color. Is the dehydration and hydration of CoCl2 reversible?
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Unformatted text preview: It is reversible. C. DELIQUESCENCE AND EFFLORESCENCE Initial Final Observations Calculations Na2CO3 * 10 H2O 43.562g 43.643g same Efflorescence KA1(SO4)2 * 12 H2O 43.804g 63.706g same Efflorescence CaCl2 50.392g 50.447g Slowly Deliquescence Liquidizing CuSO 43.309g 43.351g Blur clor Deliquescence CoCl2 66.011g 66.135g Thicker Deliquescence More Purple D. PER CENT WATER IN A HYDRATE Mass of crucible and cover 127.868g Mass of crucible, cover, and solid hydrate 128.868g Mass of crucible cover, and residue 128.468g CALCULATIONS AND RESULTS Mass of solid hydrate 1.000g Mass of residue 3) – 1)= .6g Mass of H2O lost 2) – 3)= .4g Mass of H2O in the unknown hydrate 4) / 1.000 40% Unknown no. 1...
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Experiment 6 - It is reversible C DELIQUESCENCE AND...

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