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MIP11309, Quiz13p.2 - Mr Ebel and Ms Shapiro can be heard...

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Mr. Ebel and Ms. Shapiro can be heard in performance tomorrow evening, April 25, 8:00 in Morphy Recital Hall (Guest Artist Series). Students with UW-Madison ID admitted without charge. Quiz Questions 1. The great English composer of the 20 th century performed today was: a. Schubert b. Borzova c. Ebel d. Britten e. Gendel 2. This French composer composed many arts songs, instrumental music, and the opera Faust : a. Schubert b. Borzova c. Britten d. Auber e. Gounod 3. The Austrian composer performed today famous for his songs (lieder), symphonies, and chamber music was: a. Schubert b. Borzova c. Ebel d. Britten e. Gounod 4. Which composer performed today is a UW-Madison composer: a. Schubert b . Ebel c. Auber d. Gendel e. Borzova 5. What word(s) describe a work for voice? a. Lied b. Aria c. Symphony d. Sonata e. a nd b Concerts of “Note” UW-Madison Concert Choir, conducted by Beverly Taylor performs JS Bach, Mass in B minor with faculty/student orchestra, tonight, 8:00 p.m. Mills Hall (free)
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