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1 ECE322C Data Structures Section: 77090 Summer 2009 Herb Krasner Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering [email protected] OfFce: ENS 423 OfFce Hours: MW±, 12:45 to 1:45pm Introductions The Teaching Team – Instructor - Herb Krasner – TA – Arun Nair • OfFce hours: to be posted on BB soon The Students – Level mixed – Interest areas ? – Survey at end of class will help me L1 Announcements • Read the syllabus for next week – It is on the course BB page • Read Appendix A of the book – This is the topic for next week or so • Topics for today will answer the questions: – What are the rules and regulations for this course? – What is software engineering and where does abstraction and data structures fit within that – Pre-course survey: what is your previous C or other programming experience? ECE322C in Context Data Structures (In Java) Software Tech Areas: Foundations Systems Other non ECE areas Other ECE areas Introductory Programming In C Embedded Systems Upper division SW Courses: Algorithms Mobile systems Etc. Are you in the right place? Required Programming Knowledge and Experience (Prerequisite skills assumed) variables and data types expressions, order of operations decision making (if statements; switches) – including boolean logic and boolean expressions loops (fixed and variable repetition) procedures or functions parameters (reference and value parameters, local variables, scope) structures or records ( perhaps C++ classes and objects ) arrays top down design (breaking big rocks into little rocks) – algorithm and data design – create and implement a program of at least 200 SLOC Goals for this class How to create appropriate abstractions to solve complex programming problems (e.g. ADTs) A practical understanding of a variety of common data structures – when and where they are applicable, and how to use them Knowledge of the advanced constructs of a high level programming lanaguage (Java) A good understanding of basic software engineering principles and practices – How to analyze a problem – How to design a system – How to write good code (conforming to style standards) – How to design and test for correctness – How to analyze program performance Prepare you to use this knowledge in future EE/ECE courses that require you to develop software/hardware systems
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2 Foundations of SW Engineering • SWE is a discipline of life-long learning – E.g. skills, technologies, problems, etc.
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lecture01-june5 - ECE322C Data Structures Section 77090...

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