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GRAMMAR QUIZ PART 1: SENTENCE BOUNDARIES 1. A _____________________ lacks either a subject, a verb or a complete thought. 2. If only a comma is present where two sentences join, then you have a ______________. 3. List the coordinating conjunctions (FAN BOYS) 4. Fused sentences are also called _________________. 5. Is the following sentence a fused sentence? Yes or No (circle one) There are many lights on the christmas tree the orange ones are my favorite. 6. Does the following contain a sentence fragment? Yes or No (circle one) Her car broke down yesterday night. She will get it fixed in the morning. PART 2: MATTERS OF STYLE (TRUE OR FALSE) 7. _____ One way to achieve conciseness is to avoid unnecessary intensifiers.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. _____ Very, really, and extrememely are examples of prepositional phrases. 9. _____ Appropriate Language suits its subject and audience. 10. _____ Formal language uses slang and pretentious words. 11. _____ The use of masculine pronouns is acceptable in an essay. 12. _____ Specific language reduces the chance that your readers will misunderstand what you have written. 13. _____ A clich is an expression that has been used so frequently that it has lost its ability to affect readers. 14. _____ Clichs should be avoided in formal writing. 15. _____ Lady lawyer, male nurse, and career girl are examples of patronizing terms....
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