Bio20A PQ2 - Practice Questions II - Self Quiz (Print these...

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Practice Questions II - Self Quiz (Print these out, work on them, and bring them to section with questions) 1. Can you explain at least 4 things which distinguish prokaryotic cells from eukaryotic cells. - Nucleus in eukaryotic vs. nucloid in prokaryotic cells - extensive endomembrane system in eukaryotic cells - Eukaryotic cells generally are larger - Prokaryotic flagella powered by proton gradiant rather than directly by ATP hydrolosys 2. Why would a microscopic organism want maximize it’s surface area? -because waste is excreted on the surface of the phospholipids bilayer; surface is where intercellular communication happens; substances absorbed on membrane 3. Can you label all 6 components of the endomembrane system and briefly explain their function. Are these components continuous with each other? -Nucleus- stores genetic material -endoplasmic ritililium- rough ER is location of membrane and export proteins - transport vesicle- transports proteins to golgi apparatus and to the plasma membnrane -golgi apparatus- chemically modifies proteins (folding and such) -plasma membrane- membrane separating the intra and extra cellular components -lysosomes- contains enzymes that hydrolyse polymers into their monomers
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4. The chemistry of eukaryotic organelles like the mitochondria and chloroplasts is
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Bio20A PQ2 - Practice Questions II - Self Quiz (Print these...

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