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Practice Questions III - Self Quiz (Print these out, work on them, and bring them to section with questions) 1. What are three major reasons a reaction will be: a. Spontaneous i. ii. iii. b. Non-Spontaneous i. ii. iii. 2. Can you explain what an enzyme is, what kind or purpose do enzymes generally serve? Can you draw an energy diagram/graph (Energy on Y, Reaction coordinate on X) for an endergonic reaction where you label two curves, one without the enzyme and one with the enzyme. Show the energy of activation without the enzyme, and the activation energy with the enzyme. Also label the part of the graph which responds to the overall change in free energy.
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What does the active site of an enzyme do to help increase the rate of reaction? 4. Are most enzymes multifunctional and able to help catalyze a variety of different reactions in our bodies? Do most biochemical pathways in our bodies require only a couple of enzymes which are able to freely interconvert between different metabolic intermediates? 5.
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Bio20A PQ3 - Practice Questions III - Self Quiz (Print...

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