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Biotech 16.1 DNA molecules and Analysis restriction enzyme cleave DNA @ a specific site -bacterial cells use ‘em to defend against invading pahges - protect own geneome through methlization -called restrictive digestion - recognition sequences or restriction sites cleaved segments of DNA has a specific sequence of bases -recognized through protein DNA interaction - can be used to genetically cut off segments Gel electrophoresis -after being cut w/ restriction enzyme, fragments must be separated -need to separate different sizes of fragments
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Unformatted text preview: - place DNA fragments in well in porous gel w/ electric field (- and +)-DNA is (-) cuz of phosophate-after fixed time, e- turned off -visulisatoin through florescent dye-size of fragments-presence of specific DNA sequences-single stranded DNA probe-DNA denatured and transferred to nylon filter for a southern blot-exposed to single stranded DNA probe (sequence matched to fragment of interest)-labeled radioisotope of probe-unbounded probe stays in solution...
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