Cell Division - 9.1 Replication of DNA-Chromosome is a DNA...

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9.1 Replication of DNA -Chromosome is a DNA molecule -Cell division requires chromosomes to divide -most Prokaryotes have only chromosome, circular -Ori- site where replication starts\ -ter site where replication ends Segregation of DNA -ori regions migrate towards oppsite sides -Proteins bind to ori sites and hydrolyze ATP to move DNA along cytoskeleton -begins after chromosome replication is done Eukayotic cells divide through mitosis or meisos - 1 gametes = 2 sex cells = 1 st cell -eukayotes don’t constantly divide, many stay in G0 -cytokenisis can only happen after nucleus formed - meisis occurs in cells that require gametes, increases genetic diversity 9.2 Eukaryotic Cell Division -most of time spend in interphase -cells live in one cycle, then split into two cells -s phase DNA replication - G1, Gap between end of mitosis and beginning of synthesis (growth of cell) -G2, gap between DNA synthesis and mitosis, cell prepares for mitosis (such as cytoskeleton; microtubles) Cyclines and Proteins Mediate Cell Division -Progression into another phase requires certain kinases -cyclin dependent kinase -phosophate from ATP attached to a protein - additional (–) charge changes shape - different CDKs regulate different restriction points - cancers due to unregulated cell cycle Growth Factors -some cells must be stimulated to divide -cancers due to own growth factors Mitosis -DNA must segregate -chromosome packages DNA w/ proteins -chromotin- densly packed linear double strand DNA nucleus -before S phase, only 1 double strand; after, 2 double strands
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Cell Division - 9.1 Replication of DNA-Chromosome is a DNA...

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