Membranes - Membranes Lipids -hydrocarbons; insoluble in...

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Membranes Lipids -hydrocarbons; insoluble in water -main IMF is LDF -store NRG (fats and oils) -phosopholipids are present in membranes -carotenoids capure light nrg -steroids (hormones) and fatty acids (vitamins) play role in regulatory control -thermal and electrical insulation -repel water from skin (waxes) Fats and Oils That Store NRG -triglycerides -glycerol - QuickTime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. -fatty acid HOOC-(CH 2 ) 14 -CH 3 -make an ester bond (condensation) -saturated- no double bonds, high b.p. due to better packing; less fluid -unsaturated- double bonds, lower b.p. due to worse packing (less IMF); more fluid -Membranes -carotenoids- light absorbing pigments Steroids -multiple rings that share carbon (fused rings) -part of membranes -chemical messengers -synthesized in liver -used for testesrone and bile salts Vitamins -(most) not synthesized by humans Waxes -fatty acid-ester linkage-alcohol Membranes
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-phospholipids form a bilayer -automatically line up due to IMF (LDF) -phospholipids can differ in fatty acid chain length, presence of a polar group, and saturated double -there may be up to 25% cholesterol (of lipid content) -phospholipid bilayer is fluid and -phospholipids move about membrane freely -fluidity affected by lipid composition and temp - cis double bonds make “kinks”, and have lower IMF and are more fluid than strait chains Membrane Proteins -proteins may span across phospholipids bilayer -hydrophillic regions of proteins interact with intra or exta cellular space (folded into the inside) -hydrophobic regions interact with lipid portion of the membrane (are on the outside of protein) -fluid mosaic model: proteins and lipids are independent of each other and only interact with IMF, no covalent bonding
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Membranes - Membranes Lipids -hydrocarbons; insoluble in...

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