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Renal System April 23

Renal System April 23 - Renal System Water balance and...

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Renal System April 23, 2009 Water balance and waste disposal 1. balance water uptake and water loss 2. remove metabolic waste a. ammonia is toxic Diffusion -solutes move from areas of high concentration to low concentration -start with 2 different []s on each side of a semi-permable membrane, eventually each side will have equal concentrations -know difference between osmosis and diffusion -in diffusion, solutes move across a membrane until equilibrium is reached Osmosis -Osmosis- solutes cannot move across membrane - when can’t move across membrane, move water to establish an equal concentration of total sulutes Osmoregulation- process of regulating concentration of solutes and water in body -over time, water uptake and loss will balance in body = homeostasis -osmolarity = [total sulutes] -hypotonic- low osmolarity in a solution -hypertonic- a solution of higher osmalrity compared to another Electrolytes -salts that dissociate in solution into ion changed species -isotonic solutions have equal concentrations of electrolytes compared to other solutions -water toxicity occurs if too much hypotonic water is taken in Osmoregulation across habitats Marine Environment -very salty
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