Chapter 8- Photosynthesis

Chapter 8- Photosynthesis - 38.1 Photosynthesis-NRG from...

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38.1 Photosynthesis -NRG from light and used to convert CO 2 and H 2 O glucose -water from roots - take in CO 2 and release O 2 through stoma - credited to Ruben and Kamen - water in one group labeled with O 18 -CO 2 labeled with O 18 in another group -O 2 collected - O 2 comes from group with labeled water -6CO 2 + 12H 2 O (expose to light) C 2 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2 Two Pathways: - light reaction driven by light nrg, converts light nrg to ATP and NADPH + H + (reduced electron carrier) - light independent rxns use ATP and NADPH + H + and CO 2 to make sugars 8.2 Light NRG to Chemical NRG Light is both a particle and a wave - light is electromagnetic wave - comes in photons - the shorter the wavelength, the higher the nrg stored Absorbing Photons Excited Pigment Molecules - Photons may… o Be scattered/reflected o Pass through molecule o Be absorbed - 1 st 2 don’t change molecule - when a molecule absorbs photons, it absorbs their NRG - goes from ground state to excited state - excited state will raise electron to higher shell, increasing the ability of a reaction to happen Absorbed Wavelengths correlate with Biological Activity - pigment- molecules that can absorb light within the visible light spectrum - pigment absorbs all wavelengths but a few, rest are reflected - plot of absorption spectrum shows which wavelengths are most absorbed, translates to highest activity for chlorophyll Chlorophylls
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Chapter 8- Photosynthesis - 38.1 Photosynthesis-NRG from...

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