Chapter 34- Plant Body

Chapter 34- Plant Body - Chapter 34: Plant Body 34.1 Plant...

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Chapter 34: Plant Body 34.1 Plant Body Organization -Monocots-narrow leaved flowering plants- grasses, orchids, lilies, palms -Endicots- broad leaved flowering plants- soybeans, rosas, sun flowers, maples - 3 types of vegetative organs- roots, shoots, leaves -shoot system- leaves do photosynthesis, hold structure for leaves, transports nutrients and water -nodes connect stems and leaves, internodes are the section between each node -root system- anchor plants and provide water and some nutrients Roots anchor plant and absorb water and minerals - lack ability for photosynthesis and take up water and minerals - for endicots- one primary root(taproot system) with lesser intervals of roots - for monocots- many fibrous roots, no primary root - adventitious roots- root above ground along stem; may form into new plant if cut Stems Bear Buds, Leaves, And Flowers -bud is an embryonic shoot -auxiliary bud- if forms, will form a new branch - apical bud- produces cells for upward growth and development of shoot - tuber of potato is a (highly modified) stem -stem is capable of photosynthesis, but not the primary source Leaves are Primary source of Photosynthesis -responsible for photosynthesis -may be highly modified -blade is thin and flat -attached to periole to stem at an upward angle -compound branches have 1 branch per bud -doubly compound have 2 braches per bud Tissue Systems -vascular tissue system- plants transport system -xylem- tissue that transports water and ions - phloem- tissue that transports carbohydrates -dermal tissue- outer covering of plant - has guard cells for the stoma -shoots of epidermis secretes wax like cuticle that prevents water loss -ground issue- primary site for storage, support, photosynthesis and production of
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Chapter 34- Plant Body - Chapter 34: Plant Body 34.1 Plant...

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