Biology 20B- May 5

Biology 20B- May 5 - 2 Collenchyma – “glue” a...

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Biology 20B Lecture: May 5 Classification of Plants No seeds: Algae (also non vascular) Bryophytes (mosses) (also non vascular) Seedless vascular plants (ferns and hursertails) Vascular and Seeds: Gymnosperms (conifers) Angiosperms ( flowering plants) Structure and Function Plants need… -mineral ions -water -light -CO 2 Plant Cells -have vacuoles - cell wall - chloroplasts Meristemotic Cells (plant stem cells) 3 types of cells 3 types of divisions organ roots or shoots 1. Parenchyman “poured in beside” a. Totipotent- can be stem cells b. Thin cell walls c. Metabolically active d. Photosynthetic (chlorenchyma) e. Most of a leaf f. Storage cells in roots g. Most of a fruit h. Found in: i. Ground tissue?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Collenchyma – “glue” a. Thickened cell walls b. Occur in bundles, makes celery stringy c. Long, pliable d. Alive when mature e. Rich in pectin jelly f. Found in: i. Leaf perioles, nonwoody stems, and growing organs 3. Schlerenchyma a. Thickened 2 nd cell wall b. Dead when mature, non growing part c. Lignin d. Structure and support e. Protection of seeds and fruits f. Different types i. Sclerids- groups of cells, make pears gritty ii. Fibers- what we wear 1. Fibers in tree bark 4. Ground tissue a. Everything else b. Metabolically active c. Photosynthetis, storage (parachma) d. Support (sclerenchyma and collenchyma) e....
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Biology 20B- May 5 - 2 Collenchyma – “glue” a...

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