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Biology 20B- May 14

Biology 20B- May 14 - Dr Augus Murphy and Dr Lincoln Taiz...

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Dr. Augus Murphy and Dr. Lincoln Taiz - study active detox for plants; proteins that bind to heavy metal ions metallothionein - Cu tolerance due to metallothionein production? - Approach: tolerance in Cu among 10 wild populations - Experiment: plants gown hydoponically o Do for 10 populations of Arabidopsis o Measure gene expression o Measure growth of roots in Cu o Growth expansion of mRNA - Plants that grew better in Cu solution had a higher gene expression of gene for metallothionein Sensory systems and Signal Transduction - why do roots grow down? - Leaves follow the sun? - vines curl? Darwin- the power of movements in Plants - blue light presence signals plants - blue filter on light will cause plant to bend towards light - only recently we know it’s the blue light receptor - NPH1 membrane protein that is phosophated in presence of blue light Sensory Systems have 3 components - reception - signal transduction - response in plants, usually hormones Receptors - light quality of red to far-red ratio is important -
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