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NAME ___________________________________ Bio 20B Midterm 2008 Version A-1 THIS IS VERSION A. Write “A” on the top of your scantron form . You will have the full period to complete the 70 questions in this test. CHEATING POLICY= Zero Tolerance: Anyone who is convicted of cheating on this test will get an F in the course. If you suspect someone near you of cheating, please provide this information to Dr. Parker or one of the TA’s as soon as possible. CHOOSE THE ONE BEST ANSWER. Fill in the answer on BOTH this paper copy AND on the scantron form. You will turn in both. Be sure that the circles on your scantron form are filled in completely and carefully, and that all erasures are complete. 1) The most abundant enzyme in the world is a) ATP synthase b) ribulose bisphosphate dehydrogenase c) deoxyribose bisphosphate carboxylase d) deoxyribose PEP carboxylase e) ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase 2) The representation of actual, historical (evolutionary) relationships among organisms is called a) Nomenclature b) Biology c) Phylogeny d) Taxidermy e) Specification 3) In order to kill invading Eucalyptus trees, we sometimes girdle the tree by cutting around outer bark and just under the bark. Why does this kill the tree? a) Oxygen cannot get to the roots. b) The leaves cannot get carbon dioxide. c) The roots cannot absorb water. d) The roots “starve.” e) The leaves “starve.” 4) Which are associated with Photosystem II? a) pheophytin, plastoquinone, cytochrome b) pheophytin, plastocyanin, ferredoxin c) pheophytin, plastoquinone, ferredoxin d) plastocyanin, ferredoxin, NADPH production 5) What was the take-home message of Boysen-Jensen’s experiments on coleoptile bending? a) Blue light is required for plants to bend toward the light. b) A water-soluble growth promoter moves down from the shoot tip. c) A lipid-soluble growth promoter moves down from the shoot tip. d) The blue light receptor is an autophosphorylated lipid protein. e) Santa hats cause baby shoots to do yoga.
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NAME ___________________________________ Bio 20B Midterm 2008 Version A-2 6) A potato is primarily made up of: a) Parenchyma b) Collenchyma c) Sclerenchyma 7) You look at a cross-section of a three-year-old tree. What you see is: a) 3 rings of xylem and 3 of phloem b) 2 rings of xylem and 2 of phloem c) dicots do not have a vascular system d) 3 rings of xylem and 1 of phloem 8) Most of the water passing through a plant is lost through a) phloem transport b) transpiration c) respiration d) guttation 9) What regulates the opening and closing of stomata? a) blue light receptor and abscisic acid b) phytochrome and abscisic acid c) phytochrome and gibberellin d) blue light receptor and gibberellin 10) Which of the following is NOT a macronutrient of plants? a)
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2008Exam_VersionA - NAME _ Bio 20B Midterm 2008 Version A-1...

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