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Stuff you need to know –Week 7 - Tropic levels:...

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7/22/09 1:47 PM Stuff you need to know –Week 7 Page 1 of 1 Stuff you need to know –Week 4 View of community Clements vs Gleason Succession: definition of, primary vs secondary succession Early vs late vs climax successional communities Species interactions during succession: facilitation, inhibition, tolerance Island biogeography True vs virtual islands Species/area relationship: underlying concept, z in islands vs terrestrial ecosystems vs virtual islands Ecosystems, definition of, four basic components of, flow of energy vs matter in.
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Unformatted text preview: Tropic levels: autotrophs vs heterotrophs, consumers vs decomposers, primary producers, primary vs secondary vs tertiary etc consumers, apex predators Food chains vs food webs, grazing vs decomposing food webs, energy transfer (production efficiency vs trophic transfer efficiency) Eltonian pyramids (abundance, vs biomass, vs production), concept of ecologically sustainable pyramid Regulation of productivity in ecosystems, important factors in terrestrial vs aquatic ecosystems Mean food chain link in ecosystems: productivity vs stability vs habitat complexity hypothesis...
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