Chapter 20 Developmental and Evolutionary Change

Chapter 20 Developmental and Evolutionary Change -...

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20.1 Molecular Tool Kit Developmental Genes are similar - regulatory genes have been conserved - can lead to vastly different results 20.2 Mutations on Body Parts - embryo made up of modules - Developmental genes act on different modules Genetic Switches govern molecular Tool Kits - determine where and when genes are turned on/of - influence more than one process Modularity Allows Differences in timing and spatial pattern of gene expression
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Unformatted text preview: -hetrochromy- gene regulating development of one module may be expressed at different times 20.3 Differences Among Species- inscects express UBX (HOX gene) to repress dll gene to prevent 2 nd wing to develop 20.5 Development and Evolution- nearly all structures are modified previous structures - genes that control development are highly conserved, don’t greatly change...
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