Stuff you need to know – Week 1

Stuff you need to know – Week 1 - Stuff you...

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Unformatted text preview: Stuff you need to know Week 1 Science before Darwin: Concept of eidos and the role it played in preventing evolutionary thinking- prevented the idea that animals can change over time and that variation isnt simply just error Contributions of the following towards the development of the theory of evolution Hutton - geology geological deep time; showed that things that effect the earth have been effecting the earth for a long time, evidence that earth is more than 6,000 yrs old; ground work for uniformitism Lyell- Geologist - gradual geological changes and uniformitism; accumulation of minute geological pressures over a long time period tells why earth is like it is today; changed time scale Malthus - Economist - developed population models, observed that populations have limits and that they cannot support and infinite number of individuals Smith - Economist - developed a model for competition adopted into natural selection Linneaus - Biologist - developed the binomial system for classification (genus and species); created a context to discuss the differences of different animals Lamarck - Biologist - developed the first model for evolution; included the inheritance of acquired characters Terms Eidos Aristotle all animals strive to have a perfect form, they are unchanging and all variation is simply defects Unifomitarianism geology principle that the same events that weather the earth today have weathered the earth at the same rate; developed by Hutton/ Lylle* Scala naturae middle ages belief that all of the animals have always been here and always will be here, unchanged by anything Lecture 2 Darwin and the theory of evolution Role the following played in influencing Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle: Biogeography showed that there was a wide variety of animals and spices that look nothing like the ones from other parts of the world Fossils there are animals that dont exist anymore...
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Stuff you need to know – Week 1 - Stuff you...

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