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catskills essay 3 - other folk from the Northern Catskills...

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"When young Jimmy Dutcher hiked over the mountains from Prattsville to Shandaken in 1851, he was not traveling for pleasure; he was looking for work. His father had died two years earlier; his mother had remarried, and life had become tough for Jim at home. So Jim--13 years old at the time--left his family and set out in the world on his own. Like many
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Unformatted text preview: other folk from the Northern Catskills, where the hemlock had been depleted, Jim headed south and found work." So begins chapter ten of Steuding's projected three-volume social history of the Catskills High Peak Region. The Heart of the Catskills serves as a prologue to his first regional history, The Last of the Handmade Dams...
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