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champlain essay 5 - end of Main street in Hudson Falls just...

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Several additional years of work relating to concerns over leakage, the constructing of locks, and size provisions, were needed before the Feeder Canal became navigable by boat. In 1829, the 13 mile feeder, running from the Hudson at Haviland's Cove, and approximately parallel to Warren street in Glens Falls, was officially open for traffic. The meandering course of the Feeder Canal diverged north from the lower end of Warren street near the former Ciba- Geigy plant, and then paralleled the Boulevard until it intersected the north
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Unformatted text preview: end of Main street in Hudson Falls, just below Notre Dame street. From this point, the Feeder crossed part of Martindale Avenue, and then bisected Maple and Pearl streets, and Burgoyne Avenue just north of the Kingsbury- Fort Edward town fine. From here, there were an series of locks, the most prominent being the Five Combines, before the Feeder Canal emptied into the (old) Champlain Canal....
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