Champlain essay 6 - along the Hudson over through Luzerne and eventually to Warrensburgh then into Essex county At the same time a swifter and more

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This expansion of navigation between Glens Falls and Hudson Falls, then called Sandy Hill, allowed for an increase in commerce in the area, and an improved outlet for lumber rafted down from the Adirondacks. It also created a link between two separate courses northward to Canada. In addition to the increased economic activity, which might provide a convenient guise of labor, the connection between the two northern waterways offered a complex set of options for passages to Freedom. A much more lucrative means of escape northward -might be had through Warren county via the log rafting enterprises
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Unformatted text preview: along the Hudson, over through Luzerne, and eventually to Warrensburgh, then into Essex county. At the same time, a swifter and more direct route could be had along the Champlain to Whitehall, where further flight might continue into Vermont, or up the lake to Plattsburgh. In either course, a number of local Free families were able to provide additional shelter. By 1850, there were more than a dozen Aftican- American households in Whitehall, and other single individuals working as laborers or servants in hotels. Of these individuals, three were cooks, and eight were operating as barbers....
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