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champlain essay 7 - this regiment two out of the four...

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Another Civil War veteran, Henry Van Vranken, resided only two houses from the locktender's house in Kingsbury and, in 1870, he operated a canal boat. In 1860, this same Henry Van Vranken was residing in Glens Falls as near neighbors with John Van Pelt, Anna Northup, and Philip Stanton. John Van Pelt, the barber, was responsible for encouraging a number of Saratoga, Warren, and Washington county men to enlist into the 54th Mass. Infantry. In the register of recruits in the appendix of Capt. Emilio's history of
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Unformatted text preview: this regiment, two out of the four recruits from Glens Falls and Sandy Hill into Co. GCharles Stanton and William Robinson (2nd of the name) were described as boatmen, and a third, Horace Jackson, was a caulker. Also residing near Henry Van Vranken in 1870 was John G. Roberson (or Robinson), a veteran of the 26th USCT, who was then engaged in boating, apparently in Van Vranken's employ, as Henry's son, George Van Vranken, provided an affidavit for Roberson's pension application....
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