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Henry Hudson sailed up the North River in search of the Northwest Passage little did he know that someday the river bearing his name would eventually connect the east coast to America's heartland via the Erie Canal. In the years that followed his discovery, river towns used the river to transport their goods to New York City and upstate New York. To help guide these ships, they established a series of post lights to mark dangerous spots along the river, but this unorganized system proved unreliable.
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Unformatted text preview: When the Erie Canal opened in 1825 and commercial river traffic increased, the U.S. Lighthouse Establishment felt the need for a more sophisticated system of lights. In 1826, the Stony Point Lighthouse was the first to shine its light on the Hudson, starting a system of lights that eventually grew to 14 lighthouses and numerous post lamps to guide mariners safely the length of the river....
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