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Problem Set #1 Econ 420K Budget Sets S. Bronars 1. You have $100 in income. The price of X 1 is $10, the price of X 2 is $5. a. Illustrate your budget set b. Suppose P 1 doubles; illustrate your new budget set. c. Suppose, instead, that P 2 doubles, Illustrate your new budget set. d. Suppose, instead, that both P 1 and P 2 double; illustrate your new budget set. 2. In Cuba the official price of gasoline is 10 cents per gallon, but it is rationed so that the typical consumer gets only 10 gallons per month at this price. The black market price is $3 per gallon. Illustrate the typical customer's budget constraint, where I is total income and P is the price of goods other than gasoline. Remember you can buy or sell gasoline on the black market. 3. Geraldo has 30 hours a week to spend either reading books or watching T.V. It takes Geraldo 1 hour to watch a T.V. show, and 6 hours to read a book. a.
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