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Exam%20I%2C%20Fall%202008 - Print your first initial and...

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Print your first initial and last name: ___________________________________ 1 Your signature: ___________________________________ Biology 365R Exam I September 19, 2008 Take the test in INK. PRINT your name at the top of each page and sign above. If you make a mistake on a question or need additional room you can use the back of the same page. Please use complete sentences wherever possible. You are welcome to use a calculator. No cell phones! Good luck. 1. Match items in LIST A below with those in LIST B on the last page of the exam. Place the letter (A CAPITAL LETTER, CLEARLY PRINTED) in each blank in LIST A to indicate the BEST match in LIST B. Each letter may be used only once. You may tear off LIST B to facilitate your answering this question. However, you will be required to turn in this page with your exam and your name must be present at the top of the page! LIST A _______ The site of initiation of the action potential in most neurons ________ Used the voltage clamp to measure the voltage-dependent conductances of squid giant axon ________ Site where a neuron most commonly receives synapses ________ Part of a neuron that most commonly makes synapses with its target ________ Used the patch clamp to measure the conductance and response to voltage of single ion channels ________ What is most commonly stained in the Nissl stain. ________ The location of the soma of a spinal motor neuron. ________ The location of the soma of a sensory neuron whose axon forms a muscle spindle ________ Formulated a reasonable explanation for the resting membrane potential ________ Blocks voltage activated K channels in the squid giant axon
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