KEY%20TO%20EXAM%201%2C%20FALL%202008 - E I is the...

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KEY TO EXAM 1 POINT VALUES ARE INDICATED IN PARENTHESES AS POSSIBLE POINTS QUESTION 1 (30, 1.5 EA): A, H, D, B, O, P, T, E, C, R, G, S, J, I, Q, M, N, L, F, K QUESTION 2 (4, 2 EA): a. membrane potential (electrical force) b. concentration gradient QUESTION 3(2): Nernst QUESTION 4 (3): QUESTION 5 (3): z is valence on ion including sign I o is the external concentration I i is the intracellular concentration QUESTION 6 (2): It gives the potential, inside relative to outside QUESTION 7 (2): millivolts QUESTION 8 (5): QUESTION 9 (2): NO QUESTION 10 (3): Membrane is impermeable to I QUESTION 11 (3): Membrane is permeable to I but flux of I is compensated for by active transport QUESTION 12 (3 FOR EQUATION AND 3 FOR TERMS): I I is the current of ion I g I is the conductance of the membrane to ion I V m is the membrane potential (not the resting membrane potential, except in 1 case)
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Unformatted text preview: E I is the equilibrium potential for I QUESTION 13 (2): milliamps (amps and coulomb/sec also counted) QUESTION 14 (2): outside to inside QUESTION 15 (3): It would become 0 QUESTION 16 (4): The driving force (V m – E I ) is 0, so I = 0 I I = g I (58 – 58) QUESTION 17 (2): inward QUESTION 18 (2): Na QUESTION 19 (5): Easier answer is to poison preparation with TTX. The current deflections should disappear. QUESTION 20 (3): Inactivation QUESTION 21 (4): It has affected inactivation , preventing the inactivation gate from closing. QUESTION 22 (4): It has increased the conductance of the channel. QUESTION 23 (4): For the voltage step in question, it has decreased the probability of the channel opening ....
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KEY%20TO%20EXAM%201%2C%20FALL%202008 - E I is the...

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