Lecture 1 - Lecture 1 Introductions Course Syllabus Exams...

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Lecture 1, August 26, 2009 Introductions Course Syllabus Exams Discussion sessions Term paper Philosophy of teaching Course Documents Plan for course Two major parts: Part 1: Cell biology of neurons; Part 2: How systems of neurons work Plan for today Structure of neurons, a bit of history, survey of a reflex circuit and its use of potentials Cell membrane Introduction to the Nervous System Brain and spinal cord (CNS) Peripheral nerves (bundles of axons), ganglia (collections of somata) (PNS) Structure of a simple neuron axon, dendrites, cell body (soma), nerve terminals, synapse, microtubules, neurofilaments, cytoskeleton, myelin, glial cell A bit of history: Neuron doctrine Controversy between Cajal and Golgi, syncytial theory vs. neuron doctrine. Nobel prize winners in 1906 web sites available via external links on Blackboard Illustration of What Kinds of Things Need to be Explained Reflex circuit
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Anatomy: extensor muscle (quadriceps), muscle fibers, muscle spindle, sensory neuron (afferent), dorsal root ganglion, dorsal root, synapse, motor neuron, ventral horn, ventral root, efferent axon, neuromuscular junction (synapse on muscle fiber) Local potentials of several varieties (receptor potential, synaptic potential) Action potential Cell membrane: what is the purpose of having a cell membrane? Structure of a cell membrane
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Lecture 1 - Lecture 1 Introductions Course Syllabus Exams...

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