km 827 m our road map is m k m the relationship is

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Unformatted text preview: oes it have the correct units? _______________________________________________________________________________ EXAMPLE 1.11 Conversions with SI Prefixes Express the following amounts using prefixes from the SI. a. Convert 827 m to kilometers. b. Convert 257 mg to micrograms. •Method of Solution for (a) Conversions within the SI are based on knowing the SI prefixes. First state the problem in the format: desired quantity = given quantity × conversion factors. ? km = 827 m Our road map is: m → k m The relationship is 103 m = 1 km, which leads to two possible conversion factors: 103 m 1 km 1 km 103 m Choose the one that allows cancellation of the unit m. and ? km = 827 m × 1 km 103 m ? km = 0.827 km •Method of Solution for (b) First state the problem: ? µm = 275 mg Back Forward Main Menu TOC Study Guide TOC Textbook Website MHHE Website Chemistry: The Study of Change / 1 7 Since we know how many mg are in a gram and how many µg are in a gram, we will convert mg to grams and then grams to µg. Road map: mg → g → µ m ? µm = 275 mg × 10–3 g mg × 1 µg = 275 × 10 3 µg 10–6 g ? µ...
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