5 in 1773 ben franklin poured a teaspoon of oil onto

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Unformatted text preview: ed in miles per hour? 19. The density of a 26% salt solution is 1.199 g/mL. What is the volume occupied by 20.0 g of solution? 20. The displacement volume of a certain automobile engine is 350 in 3 . How many liters is this? ________________________________________________________________________________ CONCEPTUAL QUESTIONS 1. 2. Explain why intensive properties are more useful than extensive properties for comparing to substances. 3. Suggest a way to determine the density of table salt. 4. You are given a shiny piece of metal that might be aluminum. What information would you need to prove it is Al? 5. In 1773 Ben Franklin poured a teaspoon of oil onto a pond. He observed that it spread out to form a film that covered an area of about 22,000 ft2 . If a teaspoon has a volume of about 5 cm3 and if the film was roughly one molecule thick, then what is the average size (length) of an oil molecule in centimeters? 6. Back Why is it incorrect to say that iron is heavier than water? A horse can run a 1...
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