5 cm 97 cm 62 mm the density of pb is 114 gcm3 method

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Unformatted text preview: to hours in order to answer the question. •Calculation Insert one conversion factor per arrow in the road map. 1 .61 km 103 m 1s ? h = 2.75 × 10 9 m i × × × 1.0 mi 1.0 km 3.00 × 1 0 8 m = 4.099537 h × 1 m in 60 s × 1h 60 min Following the rules for significant figures, we must round off this answer to three significant figures. Therefore ? h = 4.10 h _______________________________________________________________________________ EXAMPLE 1.13 Using Density What is the mass in grams of a lead (Pb) brick that measures 21.5 cm × 9.7 cm × 62 mm? The density of Pb is 11.4 g/cm3 . •Method of Solution Density is defined by the formula: m d= V Back Forward Main Menu TOC Study Guide TOC Textbook Website MHHE Website 1 8 / Chemistry: The Study of Change If you know any two of the variables in the equation, you can solve for the remaining unknown. First rearrange the equation to solve for mass. m=d×V •Calculation The density is given but you still need the volume of the brick. For...
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