6 exponential notation write the following numbers

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Unformatted text preview: or multiplication and division. _______________________________________________________________________________ EXAMPLE 1.6 Exponential Notation Write the following numbers using exponential notation. a. 7,620,000 b. 0.000495 •Method of Solution a. 7,620,000—Count the number of places that the decimal point must be moved to the left to give a number between 1 and 10, in this case, 7.62. Since this requires six places, the exponent of 10 must be 6. Answer: 7.62 × 10 6 . b. 0.000495—Fractional numbers like this have negative exponents in scientific notation. Count the number of places that the decimal point must be moved to the right to give 4.95. Since this requires a move of four places, the exponent must be –4. Answer: 4.95 × 10 –4 . _______________________________________________________________________________ EXAMPLE 1.7 Math Operations with Exponential Notation Multiply 4.0 × 10 4 by 3.5 × 10 –6 . •Method of Solution (4.0 × 10 4 )(3.5 × 10 –6 ) Regroup so that the coefficients are separated from the exponentials, and add the exponents algebraicall...
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