9 significant figures determine the number of

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Unformatted text preview: . The calculation, if written out, would look like this: 4.2 [ EXP] [+/–] 7 [÷] 5.0 [EXP] [+/–] 5 [=] The calculator will display the answer as: 8.4 –03 or 8.4 –03; both stand for 8.4 × 10 –3 . _______________________________________________________________________________ EXAMPLE 1.9 Significant Figures Determine the number of significant figures in each of the following numbers. a. 6.02 b. 0.012 c. 1.23 × 10 7 d. 1.5400 •Method of Solution Refer to the guidelines for writing significant figures. a. Recall that zeros between nonzero digits are significant. Answer: three significant figures. b. Zeros to the left of the first nonzero digit are not significant. Answer: two significant figures. c. The use of scientific notation implies that only significant figures are shown. Answer: three significant figures. d. When a number contains a decimal point and has trailing zeros, these zeros are significant. Answer: five significant figures. _______________________________________________________________________________ Back Forward Main Menu TOC Study G...
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