Copper cu is a trace element that is essential for

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Unformatted text preview: /L. Recall that 1.06 qt = 1 L. 12. Calculate the density of water in units of kilograms per cubic meter. Density = 1.00 g/cm3 13. The radius of an aluminum (Al) atom is 0.125 nm. How many Al atoms would have to be lined up in a row to form a line 1 cm in length? 14. Convert atmospheric pressure from 14.7 pounds per square inch to megagrams per square centimeter. 15. Soft solder contains 70.0% tin and 30.0% lead by mass. If you had 10.0 g of tin, how many grams of solder could you make? Back Forward Main Menu TOC Study Guide TOC Textbook Website MHHE Website Chemistry: The Study of Change / 2 1 16. Copper (Cu) is a trace element that is essential for nutrition. Newborn infants require 80 µg of Cu per kilogram of body mass per day. The Cu content of a popular baby formula is 0.48 µg of Cu per milliliter. How many milliliters of formula should a 7.0 lb baby consume per day to obtain the minimum daily Cu requirement? 17. It takes 31,000 J of energy to make 1.0 g of aluminum (Al) metal from th...
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