In exponential notation 005 becomes 5 10 2

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Unformatted text preview: mal point must be moved two places to the right to give N (a number between 1 and 10). In exponential notation 0.05 becomes 5 × 10 –2 . Multiplication and division of numbers that are expressed in exponential notation are accomplished by operating on the coefficients (N) and exponentials (n) separately. Recall when multiplying two exponential numbers that the exponents are added. See Example 1.8. When dividing exponential numbers, we subtract the exponent in the denominator from the exponent in the numerator, as shown in Example 1.9. These examples also show how to do calculations using a calculator. In some calculations you must take the square or cube root of an exponential number. The general rule is: (Xa)n = Xan Back Forward Main Menu TOC Study Guide TOC Textbook Website MHHE Website Chemistry: The Study of Change / 9 where n is 1/2 for the square root, 1/3 for the cube root, and so on. Therefore, 9.0 × 1 0 –16 = (9.0 × 10 –16 )1/2 = (9.0)1/2 × 10 –16/2 Taking the square root...
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