See table 11 table 11 frequently used base units

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Unformatted text preview: requently Used Base Units ______________________________________________________ Quantity Name of Unit Symbol ______________________________________________________ Mass kilogram kg Length meter m Time second s Temperature kelvin K Amount of substance mole mol ______________________________________________________ Combinations of base units produce derived units. For example, velocity is distance traveled per unit of time. Therefore, velocity has units of meters per second (m/s) and is a derived unit rather than a base unit. The derived units for volume, density, and velocity are given in the Table 1.2. Table 1.2 Some Derived Units ______________________________________________________ QuantityDefinition of Quantity Symbol ______________________________________________________ Volume length × length × length m3 Density mass/volume kg/m 3 Velocitymeter/second m/s ______________________________________________________ Prefixes. A major advantage of the SI is that it uses the decimal system. A list of the SI prefix...
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