Solid fats melt at a fairly low temperature melting

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Unformatted text preview: ats melt at a fairly low temperature. Melting is a physical change. Physical changes can be reversed by lowering the temperature. Removing the source of heat in this case will cause the fat to solidify. Answer: A physical change. Liquid gasoline undergoes combustion with oxygen (burning) to produce carbon dioxide and water. This process is accompanied by the evolution of heat. Answer: A chemical change. _______________________________________________________________________________ EXERCISES 1. Consider the following and decide whether they are homogeneous or heterogeneous mixtures. a. Wood b. Wine c. Cranberry juice d. Milk e. Italian dressing 2. Classify each of the following as a element, compound, or mixture. a. Dry ice b. Iodine c. Beer d. Margarine e. Steel 3. Identify the following as chemical or physical properties. a. Iron melts at 1530°C b. Wood is less dense than water c. Wood burns in the presence of air d. Shiny iron metal becomes rust in the presence of air and water. 4. Identify t...
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