There is no uncertainty on the other hand conversion

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Unformatted text preview: d the 1 are exact numbers, and they are said to have an infinite number of significant figures. 100 cm is exactly 1 m. There is no uncertainty. On the other hand, conversion factors between unit systems usually are not exact numbers. For example, the conversion from quarts to liters is 1.06 qt = 1 L. Here the 1 is one exact liter, but the 1.06 has three significant figures. Significant Figures and Calculations. In most cases the numbers we measure are used to calculate other quantities. Care must be exercised to report the proper number of significant figures in the calculated result. This is extremely important when electronic calculators are used because they give answers with eight and ten digits. The rule used is that the accuracy of the result is limited by the least accurate measurement. In multiplication and division , the number of significant figures in a calculated result is determined by the original measurement that has the fewest number of significant digits. Thus, if a number with three significant figures i...
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