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Final%20Review - U tOlA Rorrra;r.Icfw-ssi6.I...

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€U,- tOlA Rorrra;r .I{-ssi6,. I Inco^"gtdc Li\t .f Tt*ts +! t<.n.o..r O nf^rCrnir,o$tn - La,XO,,rXia^s - U{l t. h\a.x i ,t ito*r\^ *h. *o a. ca.rs}oVit - 64ga^A't ""e nn ilni n^ i era-\\,* s.rLS . {- 4 can5*,a.ix* - fOI*,+ it m-eens, if SOC lO rlO ,"O b Ot*"+ d^dfsa.+ {l^"r,*,..r*s lsot<- t,1a< Itt- t\ l- t------- h*rtse+ t foete++ bne-rtS r"r\ t*,?3 Ltnenc/ yetkd s,'rLsd\-\€.1 o<_x t * 13Y, O Incrn .o E" Svbsii\d\r^ e.&a,1g Ro-kv^^,Lt, .pr\'cL i3 r4.B€d ah\ sa,,\o 0:J C4 .{*"_ *, e{r-) j r^rtd r,^rilt ,Ok_ dri a..Stra.f.*^t f , @ t-,.v"* sugf b C\rt€rr{.rc Urortr- ,- d* rir^ila.r d,ra{rl^*s *.r d,f{c€.€^+ bJ*gL c\44
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@ Co^"..r-r1atib,,- & Sarr,r.g" dz^c.=ru..s 6| -tun^arrq^l= s t t+R +D+, @ Vrt*a c^a",^gat+tiu^ r M.onyot;e s, b errr.ri+X4 i,. b4:+r^,'eeF\ lvlc€ tr=, +v gcsl<++ . -erSr..-.,,- 4c* g a Mff,' 7l+d)rMC {. ,**qpol;es @ewrtn, 7o^x %b( " ?rfL" " Irvn-,l th4 nu/y.€^r12vs Quota ?rice8 | " Etattoil o4 t"ft\'r a c = + P z o 'e ft-r..rgit'11 @ UUr L = Acs+a,pS*anO * acs ' .,f rr*,rg, p,, CV t /:,! *iC(,,1f,*o)dgr E vz l,{ ,f e1,,g,o, a,)dp, rnrur\l /d,o.'^sg\r ai\ Pn-(oa r r\ /t^ve,tL..&nenr *n A^d netaA.u^St^.1 br-hpce^ *t^<-^: 'l{ .t1.orC R no i\,\Lo,n^{ eff€d +LV=ACS--EV 'lQ gc,|a.
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