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Zack Syllabus F09 - SPEAKING GROUP SYLLABUS Fundamentals of...

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PEAKING G ROUP S YLLABUS Fundamentals of Public Communication Individual Instructor: Zack Wagner Office Location: Mars McLean 218 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: By Appointment Only O VERVIEW The purpose of your speaking group is to provide an audience for your speeches. You will deliver six prepared speeches throughout the semester. Each speech must be accompanied by the proper materials and will be evaluated and graded by your individual instructor. Speeches #2-6 will count towards your final grade. Each speaking group will meet at its designated time for 1 hour and 20 minutes. S EMESTER S CHEDULE Week of Aug 31st Library Orientation Week of Sep 14th Speech 1: Communication Breakdown Week of Sep 21st Speech 2: Vacation Opportunity (Informative Speech) Week of Oct 5th Speech 3: Process/Procedure (Informative Speech) Week of Oct 19th Speech 4: Financial Investment (Persuasive Speech) Week of Nov 2nd Speech 5: National Problem & Solution (Persuasive Speech) Week of Nov 16th (Persuasive Speech) A TTENDANCE P OLICIES DO NOT MISS YOUR SPEAKING GROUP MEETING. Missing a group is a disservice and an inconvenience to you, your instructor, and every member of your group. *If you are absent for any reason, you will be responsible for contacting and RECONVENING your group. Every speech must be delivered, even if the deadline for receiving credit for that speech has passed (see Dr. English’s syllabus for deadlines). 2/3 of your group members must be present at a reconvened group meeting. If you know beforehand that extenuating circumstances will cause you to miss a speaking group, contact me ASAP. I can temporarily move you to another group (if given enough notice), but do not depend on this option as your schedule may not match any other speaking group times. Students who arrive late to a speaking group will be penalized with a tardy. Two tardies equals one class absence. *Should you arrive late for any reason, wait outside the door until you hear clapping. Do not interrupt a speaker by coming in late . Excessive time between speeches (more than one minute) will adversely affect your grade. This is very important for professionalism and efficiency. Leaving a speaking group early is not permitted and will be penalized with an absence. S PEECH V IDEOS Each speech will be videotaped and made available online (to the speaker only) for the purpose of personal improvement. Extra credit can be earned by filling out a Video Review sheet (available on Blackboard) and turning it into the instructor. The form must be completed by the assignment deadline for that speech in order to earn credit. One (1) point earned per form completed; five (5) point maximum. 1
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Zack Syllabus F09 - SPEAKING GROUP SYLLABUS Fundamentals of...

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