Chapter 3 Terms

Chapter 3 Terms - company Sole proprietorship a business...

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Chapter 3 Terms CFO: oversees all financing activities of the firm and is the lead financial manager in a company. Controller: the head accountant of the firm and is responsible for maintaining the company’s books and financial statements. Treasurer: is in charge of managing the company’s cash, which includes managing the firm’s day to day cash inflows and outflows. Capital budgeting: the process of planning and managing a firm’s long-term investment in projects and ventures. Capital structure: Working capital: Shareholder Value: the return that investors receive from their investment in the form of dividends and stock prices increases. Corporate Governance: the interaction between the firm’s suppliers of capital and the management of the
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Unformatted text preview: company. Sole proprietorship: a business owned by one person. Partnership: a company formed by two or more individuals. Corporation: a distinct legal entity that is owned by one or more entities. Limited/liability: Dividends: Stock buy-backs: Capital gains: Free cash flows Return on equity: Stock options: Acquisition: Divestiture: Agency problem: stems from the Separation of the ownership and the control of corporate assets. Stock split: Corporate raider: Hostile takeover: Junk Bond: Voting rights: Shark repellant: White Knight: Pac-man defense: Greenmail: Golden parachute: Self-tender offer: Poison pill: Crown jewels: Proxy solicitation: Mutual fund: Insider Trading: Institutional investor: Shareholder activism:...
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Chapter 3 Terms - company Sole proprietorship a business...

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