LectureOct17 - ENGR3190U Manufacturing &...

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Unformatted text preview: ENGR3190U Manufacturing & Production Systems October 17, 2006 Todays Lecture 1. Machining operations & machine tools calculations 2. CNC Programming Mill (G-codes) handouts to be given in class Reminder : Midterm Tuesday Oct. 24, 8:30am 11am Midterm length = 1.5 hours Multiple choice and short answer questions from material covered in all lectures up to Oct. 13, 2006. Problems will be similar to those from assignments and covered in lectures. 22.2.1 Cutting Conditions in Turning N = rotational speed (rev/min) v = cutting speed (m/min) D o = original diameter of part (m) d = depth of cut (m) f r = feed rate (mm/min) f = feed mm/rev T m = machining time (min) L = length of cylindrical part (mm) R MR = material removal rate (mm 3 /min) The spindle rotational speed in turning is related to the desired cutting speed at the surface of the cylindrical work piece o D v N = The feed in turning is generally expressed in mm/rev but can be converted to a linear travel rate mm/min...
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LectureOct17 - ENGR3190U Manufacturing &...

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