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discussion question week 3

discussion question week 3 - Pfizer's insulin was doubted...

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Diabetes doesn’t seem like it’s going to be cured anytime soon, so Pfizer probably viewed insulin as an opportunity. Needles are close to the only option to some diabetics when it comes to taking insulin. Pfizer probably believed if he added a different option, more people would be open to try it. People would probably favor it too because needles can be very unpleasant. However, the inhaler was very large and far from inconspicuous. Also, only 10 percent of the insulin inhaled is absorbed into the bloodstream, while an injection is direct and therefore absorbed immediately.
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Unformatted text preview: Pfizer's insulin was doubted by doctors so diabetics who used the inhaler had to have routine appointments. Because of this, insurances would not cover but a small percent of the cost. If Pfizer was to have a second attempt in this market, I would suggest taking another look at what they did wrong and try to fix the current problems. Since there are other companies who have already been successful in the market since Pfizer's first attempt, I would advise him to use those companies' techniques as a foundation. They offer competition which is a key to success in both companies....
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